Steve was great at getting to know my history and problem areas. The massage was targeted at my problem areas and comfort was most important to him. I appreciate his desire for day after follow up and note taking. Perfect for anyone who has trouble areas and is looking for knowledgeable and specific work. This was the best massage I’ve had that got to my actual issues.

Why get a Ponte massage, you ask?

Why drink La Croix? La Croix is luxurious. Expensive. Unnecessary for survival. Bougie.

Yet we all flock to those flavored color-splattered cans like a moth to a flame. La Croix enriches our lives. It makes our days bearable. It's self care in the form of blissful bubbles.

Ponte massages are like La Croix. Sure, you don't ever *need* a massage. That's why you have hands (or friends). But a Ponte massage is life-changing. It makes even the darkest days magical. It's a religious experience. It's the highest form of self care you can gift yourself.

Do yourself a favor and get a Ponte massage. Fair warning, though—they're as addictive as that innocent-looking can of bubble water in your hand. It must be the oil he uses.

I was having some issues in my calf and came out feeling significantly better along with a wealth of information on what could potentially be the problem and things that could help!

I was 100% satisfied with my experience today! Ponte is very professional, so friendly and def knows what he's doing! He cares about individual needs and how to help in the best way he can. I realized this in the first moment of meeting him! Can't wait for my next appointment!!

Steve was very thorough, friendly and all around great at his job. I would be going back to see him very often if I lived in the area. Fantastic massage and session to investigate the root cause of my shoulder pain and begin to fix it. 10/10 would go again.

Pleasant and professional atmosphere with fantastic deep work with sports stretching; knowledgeable and extremely helpful. A must if you haven't had a massage from Ponte!

Ponte is a courteous and kind person who delivers a variety of massage techniques at an expert level. Steve is one of the all around good people in the world and can tailor a massage to your personal ailments effectively. I have seen him after a variety of running endeavors including a 50 mile race, and know his hands have decreased my recovery time. His communication skills translate into positive benefits on the massage table and surpass many therapists I have worked with previously.

The man knows what he's doing and how to really relax a person. Great attention to detail in what an individual needs and areas to focus on. Cannot find a more caring person anywhere.

Steve has provided wonderful massages, responding not only to my verbally addressed physical ails, but also latent, underlying problems unknown to me. Both times, I left feeling relaxed and pain free.

Very effective massages to compliment my intense physical training lifestyle.

I can't say enough about Ponte's attentiveness in the pre massage sit down. He wants you to get the absolute most out of your time on the table. It's not a routine massage, it's tailor made for you and your needs. The massage itself is exceptional. I tend to sit most of the day at work, but also put my body through some rigorous training, not to mention countless hours hunched over a textbook. Ponte was able to assess each problem area and have me feeling ready to accomplish my day to day stresses. Plus, I'm prrrrrettty sure he's got the fastest "chop" hands ever!

Talented. Professional. 2 thumbs up. Steve Ponte is amazing.

Ponte is crazy talented and gives an amazing massage.